What is needed to open an account?

Answer You will need to provide a valid email address and a password. Your Account number generates automatically by our system. All investor accounts start with "U" and our representatives and partners will get "X" accounts. You can rest assured that MyBitZone will not sell, lease, or transfer your personal information to a third party.

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Answer Yes, Others may use your computer and IP address to create their own account.

Answer First, you may want to try the “Password Recovery” section to reset your password and keep others from accessing it. You can also contact us, using the Contact Us page. Be sure to have your account information available.

Answer This refers to the amount of money currently in your account that can be withdrawn or added (at no additional fee) to your Account Principal to increase your hourly interest.

Answer This refers to the amount of interest that was added to the Available Balance.

How can I purchase stake?

Answer After ensuring your BTC Wallet has funds, you should log into your account. Then, you will find the BitCoin address that need to transfer in, after proceeding the payment the amount will credit to your Mybitzone account automatically, Therefore, your investment has officially started and your hourly profit will be added to your Mybitzone account each hour.

Answer The minimum allowed deposit amount is 0.005 BTC and there is no maximum limit.

Answer We accept Bitcoin payment.

Answer Yes, you can make investments whenever you prefer.

Answer No, the investment period is only 24 hours so compounding option is not very logic to offer however feel free to make additional deposit using your available account balance.

When do you make interest payments and how are they processed?

Answer Profits are deposited hourly. After your profit has been processed using our state-of-the-art software, it will be reflected in your “Availability to Withdraw” balance. To withdrawal your funds and put it into your BTC wallet, click on the “Withdraw” menu and follow the instructions on the page.

Answer The minimum allowed amount to withdraw is 0.003 BTC.

Answer All withdrawal requests are posted to your account immediately.

Do you offer any referral incentives, such as bonuses? If so, how does the referral program work?

Answer Yes, you will receive 1% of each deposit your direct referrals make.

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AnswerYes, there are no limits or restrictions to earn using our affiliate chain system.

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